The drive

Life --    like riding on cruise control Firmly gripping the wheel as the scenery streams steadily past my vision in the car windows to the right and left of me. All I can do is keep my eyes fixed on what is right ahead Because I don't want to crash. And then I remember... Continue Reading →



Sometimes I am haunted by the things I will never be.


We park in the grey, cavernous underground— $ 4.50 for two hours. Taking the elevator to the main lobby, we walk into a space reminiscent of an Ikea entrance. Modern. Fashionable. With an elongated escalator transporting you up to where the real action happened. The lobby is uncharacteristically cheerful, with windows two stories tall and... Continue Reading →

The Gallery

The plain walls like white paper The rows of frames, perfectly aligned--its dutiful words.       /She fiddles with a pen decorated with abstract markings. Hmm. Maybe not. Then, a magnet reproduction of the painting she was pondering. That’s $3.50 please. The register rings sharp and clear. Satisfied, she ambles out of the gallery.... Continue Reading →

8:01 AM–a 20 minute poem

If I were to write a poem, in twenty minutes time, Would I bother with rhythm, reason, or rhyme? I should have to capture that moment, my mind on a day The racings, the pacings, the shot of brilliance--the delay. Today; Today. Today I don't have time. Today I can't fall in line, with the... Continue Reading →

early evening

She stood on the edge of her life. Gripping unto the sand-like time that, nevertheless, was flowing rapidly through her fingers. Her fingers that were also drumming on the table, groping for an idea. Groping for meaning as she sat in the corner of a coffee shop on the intersection of Powell and 6th. In... Continue Reading →

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