8:01 AM–a 20 minute poem

If I were to write a poem, in twenty minutes time,

Would I bother with rhythm, reason, or rhyme?

I should have to capture that moment, my mind on a day

The racings, the pacings, the shot of brilliance–the delay.

Today; Today.

Today I don’t have time.

Today I can’t fall in line, with the rhythm of my life, the rhythm of the rhyme.

There’s so much that’s passing, there’s no standing still.

And life keeps on moving, and so I guess that I will–

Keep on running along, keep on pounding the pavement

But at times I wonder, oh God, where those days went


The time of the past, oh man that was ten years ago.

It feels so far away, where did that moment go?

And so often I can’t remember what was yesterday,

All those yesterdays that were so briefly today.

And Today. And Today.

What can I do with today?

The moment?

The right now?

The here and gone, the not here to stay?


I guess I’ll just write a poem,

And go to my next class.


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